21 days kickstart

Get Kickstarted for Spring!

Give yourself the gift of health, energy and vitality by getting your metabolism back on track! 

  • Are you feeling sluggish and tired having indulged a bit too much?
  • Have you tried to get back on track yourself without much success?
  • Are you beginning to dread Mondays when you planned to re-start your program?
  • Have you let it slip and see old habits sneaking back in?
  • Are you just feeling stuck and overwhelmed?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to get back on track?

Let’s be honest – everyone overdoes it sometimes, don’t waste your energy feeling guilty.

Re-ignite your life with the Kickstart:

  • Are you longing to feel energetic, light, clean and sexy again?
  • Do you miss the structure and ease your Metabolic Balance plan gave you?
  • Do you want to be in full control of your food intake again?
  • Do you want to let go of your cravings and hunger attacks?
  • Are you looking for a way to get back on the Metabolic Balance track?
  • Do you need support and guidance to help you achieve your goals?

The Kickstart will get you back on track in 21 days.

Spring is perfect for new beginnings – an ideal time to re-group, re-charge and make a healthful re-solution!

Feel GREAT, CLEAN, HEALTHY, SEXY AND IN CONTROL while still enjoying the good things in life!

Let’s do it together and support one another!
C’mon… You did it in the past. Let’s do it again.

Very soon, you’ll be on your way to a new you!

Why a 21-Day Programme?

As a Metabolic Balance graduate, you know that the strict Metabolic Balance phase takes 14 days. My extensive personal experience with Metabolic Balance as a follower and a coach has taught me that the minimum amount of time it takes to find that sensible balance is more like three weeks. I have found that by extending the core Metabolic Balance phase to 21 days, the programme transforms from a diet into a habit, a new way of life that supports your happiest and healthiest YOU.
Isn’t that the goal of a metabolic balance? No more dieting, just happy, healthy and balanced clean eating.

Imagine that, a true lifestyle change for a life-long of benefit. 

  • Say goodbye to dieting!
  • Make healthful choices without a second thought!
  • Let go of the struggle and simply live the Metabolic Balance way!
  • Say Hello to a lifetime of healthy eating!

Challenge… what challenge?
From experience, I know that planning, grocery shopping and inspiration in the kitchen are probably the most challenging aspects of getting back on plan. The Kickstart gives you absolutely everything you need to overcome these challenges and realize your goals.

Planning Makes Perfect
You’ve got to take time for yourself, you’re worth every bit of it! I’m reaching out to you now, so that you can literally make a plan – and free up valuable time in your agenda.The Kickstart delivers to your inbox everything you need to plan effectively for success by providing a shopping list, recipe book and weekly meal plans according to your individual Metabolic Balance Plan. These tools even help you plan for special occasions and entertaining – there’s no need to end your social life in order to be healthy!

Delicious Recipes for You AND Your Family! 
As part of the Kickstart, you will receive a recipe book with recipes for the entire three week program full of tasty and Metabolic Balance proof meals. Along with recipe book, you’ll receive tasty side dish options ideal for the rest of the family so you don’t have to spend time preparing separate meals. These are delicious, proven recipes that are easy to cook and ready in only 15 minutes flat!

Here’s everything you get with the Kickstart:
The Kickstart provides you with:

  • Weekly meal planning guide delivered in your inbox to take the guesswork of planning home-cooked meals for you, your family and even guests!
  • A complete shopping list delivered each week so you can pre-stock your kitchen and pantry with Metabolic Balance-friendly foods
  • Tested-for-deliciousness recipes that are both easy to make and yummy to eat
  • Family-friendly side dish options so that you are planning for both you and your family in every meal
  • (Almost) daily tips and information via email to keep you motivated and excited about your Kickstart
  • Weekly Skype calls with ME to troubleshoot through the challenges you’re facing and answer questions
  • Unlimited email access through the 21-day program to provide tips and support
  • Access to Kickstart Facebook Group

All of these materials and the support are valued at over CHF 630/EUR 630.
However, I am offering the 2015 Kickstart for only CHF 199/EUR 199

Join the Kickstart here

Bio Marlies Hazelaar
As a nutritionist and founder of weight-life balance, my goal is to inspire and help people around the world to live their healthiest lives and feel at their best. I offer practical food trainings to implement clean eating into people’s daily routines, no matter how little time they have or how busy they are. In short i support healthy living made simple for busy people.

This is what last year’s participants said about the course:

Act quickly!
To give me ample time to prepare, register now by sending me an email, and you’ll be all set!
Need more information or want more details? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line by email, at: marlies.hazelaar@weight-lifebalance.ch
Share the joy of success: Feel free to pass this great offer on to your circle of friends!

Excellent coaching and advice. Daily mails helped me to get mentallly prepared to the next steps. I initially feared boring constraints but the whole exercise turned out to be an exciting challenge. Lost 4 kilo’s.



Lawyer from Switzerland

This program was exactly what I needed to get back into the good routine and get back on track. By offering this 21 days program, Marlies made it easy to commit, stay focused and motivated, and to manage the practical stuff. 


Entrepreneur from Sweden

Marlies went the extra mile for me! Her encouraging emails and sweet personality took out the hardest part of changing the way I eat.because of her effort by putting these meal plans together, I told myself not to disappoint me and her by cheating.
It worked!! – 2,5 kg



It is a great program to start with. You really feel the results right away, and that gives you the incentive to keep on going. I’ve lost 4 kg in 3 weeks.


Mom of 3 childeren

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